PhotoViewer for Windows: Product Comparison
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PhotoViewer vs. PhotoViewer PLUS

Here is a comparison of PhotoViewer for Windows and it's deluxe counterpart, PhotoViewer PLUS for Windows:

Feature PhotoViewer for Windows PhotoViewer PLUS for Windows
How to get this product? Free to download within the limits of the license agreement Proprietary commercial product which must be purchased
Who should get this product? End users who want to see Photo Collection Sets made by other people Anyone who wants to create their own Photo Collection Sets
Can it view Photo Collection Sets? Yes Yes
Can it import from ZIP archives? Yes Yes
Can it play multimedia files? Yes (wav, snd, au, avi, mpg, mid) Yes (wav, snd, au, avi, mpg, mid)
Can it create new Photo Collection Sets? No Yes
Can it edit Photo Collection Sets? No Yes
Can it copy to the clipboard? Yes, limited Yes
Can it cut to the clipboard? No Yes
Can it paste from the clipboard? No Yes
Can it edit with drag-and-drop? No Yes
Can it deploy Photo Collection Sets? No Yes (into a ZIP archive, self-extracting program, or a folder which can be copied to a CD-ROM)
Can it generate a copy of PhotoViewer to send to others? No Yes, as an optional part of a deployed Photo Collection Set

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