PhotoViewer for Windows
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PhotoViewer for Windows
Presenting a new way to organize and
share your photo treasures!

Technology for People presents PhotoViewer for Windows and it's deluxe counterpart, PhotoViewer PLUS for Windows! The PhotoViewer product family gives you a rich environment for creating, viewing, and sharing online collections of photos, fully adorned with multimedia content of all types.

PhotoViewer features

Product Comparison: PhotoViewer vs PhotoViewer PLUS

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get PhotoViewer products

PhotoViewer support
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The PhotoViewer Toolbar is both dockable and customizable! The Photo Tree allows you to browse entire collections The Photo Window includes multimedia shortcut buttons The Media Window plays sound, video, and MIDI songs The Text Window shows the text attached to every photo

PhotoViewer supports many popular multimedia formats by leveraging on Microsoft's DirectX and COM technologies. Supported formats include:

WAV audio SND audio AU audio AVI video MPG video MIDI songs

PhotoViewer PLUS for Windows uses powerful deployment technologies to make it easier for you to collect, bundle, and distribute your Photo Collections, either as email attachments, downloadable files, or even your own custom CD-ROM!

Also, PhotoViewer can read most popular image formats, including BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and PCX.

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