PhotoViewer for Windows: How to get PhotoViewer products
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Getting PhotoViewer products

How to get PhotoViewer for Windows
How to get PhotoViewer PLUS for Windows

Getting PhotoViewer for Windows

PhotoViewer for Windows is a free product for anyone who agrees to it's license terms. You should read the license terms when installing it.

You are allowed to download PhotoViewer for Windows free of charge from the Technology for People web site.

You are allowed to send PhotoViewer for Windows to other people as long as it is bundled with a Photo Collection Set (these are created by PhotoViewer PLUS for Windows). Since the PhotoViewer downloads from Technology for People include sample Photo Collection Sets, they meet this requirement and you can freely share them with others (as long as you don't alter them).

Important legal stuff: You may not resell, exchange for profit, or tangibly benefit from giving copies of PhotoViewer for Windows to others. It is freely licensed, but it is still the proprietary intellectual property of Technology for People, and all rights are reserved. Being free of charge does not imply being public domain, freeware, or shareware.

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Getting PhotoViewer PLUS for Windows

PhotoViewer PLUS for Windows is a commercial product which will soon be available for purchase for $34.95 (plus shipping and, for California residents, sales tax). This price is for individuals; companies or organizations must
contact Technology for People for site license prices.

PhotoViewer PLUS for Windows is currently in beta testing, and should be available soon. Please do not request to become a beta-tester, we already have a selection process in place for beta-testers.

If you wish to be notified when PhotoViewer PLUS for Windows is ready to ship, please contact or email us and let us know. By doing so, you give us permission to send you a promotional email message, and you agree that we are not spamming you. Technology for People is adamently against the practice of spamming, so you must give clear and explicit permission before we will email you. e-mail

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