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Originally a web site for my consulting work in the 1990s, "Technology for People" is a place to advance the idea that technology ought to make people's lives better. So often technology is advanced as an end unto itself. But the best advances are those that actually improve quality of life.

Technology for People


Mark Jeghers

Husband, Dad, Bluesman ... oh, and Software Engineer too


About Mark

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Mark Jeghers has been doing Software Engineering since 1982, but he really discovered User Interfaces in the early 1990s with the advent of X-Windows and Motif. As the technology evolved, Mark did too, moving on to Object Oriented Windows UI programming. After that, Mark developed highly intuitive User Interfaces for network appliances, using Java/Swing, Flex/ActionScript, and more recently JavaScript, including libraries like jQuery, React and Redux, as well as Java and Node/Express backends.

Mark taught a wide variety of programming classes across the US during his contracting years (in the 1990s). Classes covered a wide variety of topics, often related to UI programming, but also including topics like Java, Unix, C, C++, and more.

When he's not doing software, Mark is busy being a husband, a father to two grown sons, an occasional guitarist at his church, a licensed Amateur Radio operator, a pretty good sushi chef, a builder of cigar box guitars, and an obsessive hard-core blues musician.

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the Resume

Over 25 years pursuing a better Man-Machine Interface

Mark Steven Jeghers
Senior Software Engineer

6482 Baguio Court
San Jose, California 95119
(408) 564-9576 mobile
(408) 578-9145 landline
mark.jeghers@gmail.com    www.t4p.com

Senior Software Engineer focusing mainly on GUI designs using HTML / jQuery /ReactJS / JavaScript / AJAX and Flex/ActionScript, Java/Swing as well as J2EE (including Servlets, JSP, XML). Also have done backend server work as needed in C, C++, Java, NodeJS and Python, both RESTful and generic APIs.

Specialties: UI design, good clear documentation that people can actually read, communication skills (including teaching and public speaking)

  • To lead teams in developing really great software that truly meets peoples needs
  • To provide architecture that is more lucid, more reliable, more extensible, and more scalable
  • To provide ergonomic excellence in GUI design, making more usable systems
  • To seek out better interaction and synergy between your group and others
  • To mentor junior engineers in order to bring out their very best
  • To lead by example and become an indispensable asset to your organization
  • HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS, Python, Java, C, C++, Bourne/C Shell, AWK, MySQL, Apache, Perl, JSON, XML
    • Web development includes HTML, CSS, JSON, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, jQuery, CGI, Python, Perl
    • Java experience includes Android apps, multi-threaded design, AWT, Swing, XML, JDBC, Logging, SNMP (manager-side), JBoss, Tomcat, Servlets, JSPs, and EJBs (the old ones)
    • Java 2 Programmer Certified
    • C experience includes X.11, Xlib, Xt, Motif, UIL, Wcl, XView, widget internals, ICCCM, configuration and building of X11 and Motif, standard System V libraries, low-level I/O, interprocess communication, C-ISAM, multi-threading
    • C++ experience includes Active Template Library (ATL) and COM, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), Borland ObjectWindows Library (OWL) , multitasking issues, GUIs
  • Windows 9x/NT/XP/7, Linux (RH9,RHEL,SUSE,CentOS,Debian,Ubuntu), FreeBSD, SunOS (Sun3,Sparc), Solaris, VMS, UNIX System V, SCO UNIX, Interactive 386/ix
  • Over ten years teaching Java, MS-Windows, MFC, C, C++, UNIX, X-Windows, Motif classes for U.C. Extensions, private in-plant contracts, and nationally for outside training firms; two software articles published in SIGS Publication magazines
  • Training provided for Sun, BEA, U.C. Berkeley, U.C. Santa Cruz, Lawrence Livermore Labs, Strategic Consulting, Hands On Technology Transfer, TAOS Mountain and others
  • Architecture and OO design, complete development cycles, application frameworks, APIs, custom UI components
  • Prototyping and designing new UI rewrite: based on React, Redux, React-Router, NodeJS, and Express
  • Implemented REST API in Java/Spring as a starting template for further migration of older RPC APIs
  • Assisting in maintenance of existing UI written in GWT, Java and Spring
  • Prototyping for upcoming UI rewrites: most efforts have been using React, but some time has also been spent with Redux, React-Router, NodeJS, Express, Angular and Ember. Developed several custom React components and a React-based System Logs viewing screen
  • Led the design and development of Flex-based User Interface, including the design of an advanced Framework for rapid and maintainable UI screens
  • Architecting and developing features for Configuration Templates, a powerful, scalable and flexible element configuration mechanism using XML and XSD
  • Web-based Enterprise Management portal using JavaScript/jQuery UI and Python/Django backend
  • Contributed to development of ADSP, a large Flex/BlazeDS-based Enterprise Management Appliance, utilizing Java servlets, Struts, Java-based Remote Objects, Adobe Flex and ActionScript UI technologies
  • Designed and implemented Administrative Console and Core Services for a pilot Cloud-computing project, utilizing Tomcat-based servlets, Adobe Flex/ActionScript UI technologies, BlazeDS-based Remote Objects, Hibernate and MySQL
  • Contributed to design and development of RFMS, a large AJAX-based Web UI for Enterprise-level management of wireless infrastructure, utilizing Java servlets, Struts, HTML, XML (including BackBase UI toolkit), JavaScript and Adobe Flex/ActionScript
  • Designed a robust architecture for management of award-winning wireless switches, including extensible and scalable SNMP data access and rich Java-based user interfaces
  • Developed a customized VPN solution for WalMart-specific version of wireless switch
  • Established and maintained coding and look-and-feel guidelines for GUI implementations
  • Platform-nimble initiative: implemented extensible designs where many platforms can be supported by one common code base without multiplying the complexity of the code
  • Drove debugging processes during test phases for many releases, insuring the best possible final product in the timeliest manner
  • Led teams divided between California and India to maximize their communication, clarity, synergy, task-focus and workmanship
  • Contributed to design and development of full featured GUI for PlantView (an industrial plant CAD/CAE system), PlantSchema (intelligent engineering drawing management), and AXSYS (engineering workflow)
  • Created ATL/COM graphics engine component to replace archaic graphics code with many new and advanced features (used by other developers in both C++ and Visual Basic)
  • Created MFC/COM component for smart spreadsheet display of engineering data (used by many other developers in both C++ and Visual Basic)
  • Supported portation between OpenVMS and Windows NT, currently architecting and supporting MFC migration
  • Implemented significant user-level customization of the application framework
  • Java
    • Presented Java/Swing courses for multiple clients including Sun Microsystems
    • Presented WebLogic Server courses in San Jose, Toronto and Chicago
    • Provided robust example code to students to supplement their existing training materials
  • Microsoft Windows
    • Presented Windows development courses in OWL and MFC to classes all around the US
    • Provided robust example code to students to supplement their existing training materials
  • X-Windows/Motif
    • Presented X/Motif development courses in the Bay Area and all around the US
    • Provided specialized training in advanced topics of X-Windows
    • Provided robust example code to students to supplement their existing training materials
    • Built an Xlib-based graphics application for training example purposes. The application uses just about every Xlib facility imaginable, including rasters, motion hints, selections, private color cells, grabbing, rubberbands. The applications includes the ability to cut and paste with other applications. Configured and built X11R4 and Motif 1.1 under Interactive UNIX (on a 386 platform). Developed Motif example programs to demonstrate color occlusion, image processing, ICCCM-compliant cut-and-paste, Motif Look-and-Feel standards.
  • Developed a distributed prototype for InfoTel Service Order Processing; based on Wcl and Motif
  • Developed a new Motif widget subclass: ComboBox emulates MS-Windows ComboBox selection object
  • Provided consultation and training for portation of VIP, an XView-based Medical Imaging package, to Motif
  • Ported X11R5 and Motif 1.2 to Solaris 2.01 platform
  • Provided VMS-based Motif User Interfaces for Real Time Reporting system; used for database extraction from WorkStream manufacturing software
  • Implemented an asynchronous API for DECmessageQ network I/O in a modeless Motif application
  • Implemented session management for the iconic main menu providing subprocess control and orderly shutdown
  • Consulted on GUI ergonomics and imaging data model for radar imaging system
  • Developed graphical display for radar imaging system using combined XImage, occlusion, and vector graphics techniques; interfaced the graphical core to UIL-based dialogs
  • Implemented message-based broadcast protocol for interclient communication
  • Developed an ICCCM-compliant Session Manager with a general-purpose interclient notification protocol built-in
  • Developed an ICCCM-compliant Layout Manager to support retained screen layouts
  • Developed a new Motif widget subclass: Digit provides numeric fields with "click-to-increment/decrement"
  • Trained engineering staff in X-Windows
  • Provided consultation for Image Processing applications that must be implemented on X-Windows/Motif platforms
  • Developed prototypes for several Image Processing systems using Motif interfaces
  • Extracted a vector graphics library from a public domain X-Windows graphics tool
  • Implemented graphical user interface for AutoPlan, a high-end project management package
  • Built graphical input system with MacProject-style activity boxes and links
  • Added features such as continuous zoom with variable font sizes, total-view with automatic resizing, color occlusion for faster screen drawing, user configurable color preferences, auto-layout
  • Moved XView implementation of AutoPlan to Motif
  • Designed the extension of a character-based system to Motif
  • Built Motif prototypes of application data-entry screens on IBM RS/6000
  • Compiled and validated X11R4 on HP 9000/370
  • Built an Athena widget getty-replacement program with session control
  • Corrected problems in FrameMaker 1.3b involving raster image inversions, server grabbing, and Motif window manager interaction
  • Rasterized and implemented the "MPC" logo used on the MultiPersonal Computer login screen
  • Validated and implemented Desktop Icon bindings on the MultiPersonal Computer (using Looking Glass)
  • Built InstallMaker, a software installation packaging tool, as well as miscellaneous Configuration Management tools
  • Integrated two vastly differing low-level application architectures, including the reverse-engineering of a large low-level object library
  • Performed nationwide System Administration and trained other System Administrators
  • Developed major distribution applications used by CPC International, Inc.
  • Built Curve Fit (curve fitting/plotting package)
  • Built Curve USA (topographical analysis package)
  • Worked with Upper-Atmosphere research team
  • Designed and built a test pattern generator for an INS (Inertial Navigational System) data-capture device carried onboard a U2 aircraft
  • Modified the Data Tape Reader to interface with a small HP scientific computer (used to process data tapes from U2 flights)
B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of the Pacific, Stockton, California 1982
Download a copy of this resume (PDF)


with the Family

Soup Can

Mark's is crazy in love with Ann, the girl of his dreams. He also thinks his two boys are pretty awesome. When he's not writing code, Mark is passionate about Blues music. He has recorded two solo albums, and his Christian Blues band "Crimson Blues" performs regularly for addiction recovery programs, homeless outreach groups and several Gospel-centered motorcycle clubs. Mark builds Cigar Box guitars, an important part of blues music history. He also loves seafood, including sushi, and he makes sushi for guests in his home.


Ann is a Licensed Animal Health Technician (the Veterinarian's equivalent to a nurse). But for decades she has applied those skills the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife as well. Volunteering with several animal rescue organizations, she specializes in rehabilitating birds and squirrels. She also does exquisite landscaping at her home. She landscapes with a natural and organic style, especially around the 20 foot wide fish-laden backyard pond.

Tim and camera

Tim has been obsessed with filmmaking since High School when he discovered camcorders and video editing software. Today, he develops a growing client base creating professional video content as well as still photography. His video work ranges from high-tech conferences to celebrating weddings and quinceaneras. When he is not wrestling his dogs or recording original Hip Hop music, he is learning the ropes of aerial drone videography.

Nathan and fish

Nathan aspires to break into the Electrician business and is studying to that end. But in the meantime, he is an avid gamer and develops his own virtual gamespaces on his own Linux servers. He and his cat Clara are both fascinated by insects, and he regularly keeps interesting seasonal pets, such as Praying Mantises, Tarantulas, and even an occasional Black Widow (ick!). He has insatiable curiosity as a tinkerer and he constantly experiments with building unusual things, like homemade DIY air conditioners.


the Blues

The truly authentic American music form

Mark 'Mississippi Slide' Jeghers

Slide Guitarist and Christian Bluesman

* * *

Mark is the leader, frontman, and main creative force in the "Crimson Blues" band. The band plays High Octane Christian Blues ... essentially Blues Rock with a Gospel message and a good dose of Delta Blues greased lightning. Mark specializes in playing slide guitar in open tunings.

Mark also builds unique instruments that reflect the rustic history of blues music. After buying his first Cigar Box guitar in 2013, he's built more Cigar Box guitars of his own, including one that sounds better than the first one he bought. He has also built a one-string Diddley Bo and an amazing Soup Can guitar, both of which he uses regularly on stage.


Edible Art


What's the big deal about sushi?

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I discovered sushi many years ago when I was seeking a healthier alternative to greasy Chinese food. I promptly fell in love with it! Then it occurred to me; how hard could it be to make the stuff myself? That following Christmas and New Years, I made my first sushi for friends and relatives ... all by myself. Turns out the one thing I love more than eating sushi is making it for my friends. Every time I make sushi, it's a learning experience for me; I have a roomful of hungry "guinea pigs" to experiment on, so I can make better sushi the next time!

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Let's Chat

Interested in the technology? Or the music? Wanna book my band for a gig? Or you just wanna join me for sushi sometime? Reach out and say hello!