About Spammers

If you are a spammer, then you are not welcome here.  You are violating my privacy and stealing my computing resources.  You do not have any right to send me your unsolicited, unwanted junk email, and I have never granted you permission to do so.

If you are a spammer, then you are interfering with the operation of my business.  You have no permission, no right, no entitlement to use my computing resources as your smarmy marketeering billboard.  You are hereby notified that you will be charged with a $50US nuisance fee each time you abuse my computing resources with your spam.  By reading this and sending me spam anyway, you are agreeing to these terms.

If you are a spammer, then you are violating my personal space and stealing my private computing resources.  First Amendment rights do not entitle you to abuse me this way.  My Internet account is not a forum for public expression, and anyone who says otherwise is either lying or ignorant.

If you are a spammer, then you are the least honorable of all business people.  You have associated yourself with scam artists, pornographers, pyramid schemers, and every kind of low-life scum.  You are conducting your business exactly as they do; you are exactly like them.  You are a deceitful and abusive liar, just like them.  Your opt-out lists are lies.  Your phony email headers are lies.  You apologies for "disturbing" me are lies.  Your sleazy pretendings that I "wanted your message" are lies.  The very essence of your existance is lies.

If you are a spammer, then you are a dispicable human being.  You are fundamentally dishonest and unethical in your business practices, and only a fool would every deal with you.

I do not approve of violence, drive-by shootings, euthanasia, or hiring murderers to get rid of other people.  But people like you tempt me sorely to change my mind.

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