PhotoViewer for Windows: Features
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PhotoViewer Features

PhotoViewer for Windows allows you to view Photo Collection Sets. All the photos in the set are shown in the Photo Tree Window. The tree shows all the groups that the photos may have been organized into. The tree also expands to show multimedia items that are attached to photos. You can browse through the all photos in any order you wish, and you can play any of the multimedia items on demand.

Other nifty features include:

Easy import of new Photo Collection Sets that are inside ZIP archives

Full drag-and-drop customization of the toolbar

Toolbar icons are also shown in pull-down menus

Context menus on most windows

Dockable Photo Tree and Text windows can be rearranged

PhotoViewer PLUS for Windows adds more powerful features. Most important of all: PhotoViewer PLUS allows you to create, arrange, and deploy your own new Photo Collection Sets. Drag-and-drop, clipboard transfers, in-place editing and other features make it easier than ever to create robust multimedia Photo Collection Sets.

PhotoViewer PLUS includes these additional features:

Full drag-and-drop editing in the Photo Tree and Text windows.

Support for TWAIN-compatable scanners and digital cameras, images can be captured directly into PhotoViewer PLUS!

Expanded toolbar with more shortcuts to important operations.

Advanced deployment technologies allow your Photo Collection Sets to be bundled into ZIP archives, self-installing programs, or even CD-ROMs (requires additional CD writing software, usually provided free when you buy a CD writer).

Deployments include automatic setup programs and, optionally, the redistributable PhotoViewer program so recipients will be able to view your Photo Collection Sets.

CD-ROM deployments include an autorun program (for those CD drives and computers that support it), making it even easier for others to load, view, and install.

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